DMF Interiors founder and designer, Deborah Fribourg believes that good design combines beauty with functionality.

Raised in a household filled with eclectic treasures – from Tribal Aboriginal Masks to 19th Century French Lithographs, Deborah has an unparalleled ability to incorporate unexpected yet elevated vignettes into her designs making her work truly unique. She elegantly combines clean modern elements with colorful bohemian furnishings, creating warm and stylish living spaces. Each room exhibits a relaxed yet polished ambiance.

Expect perfectly mismatched textures, materials, colors and fashion-inspired details. A woven Panama hat becomes wall décor and the latest runway trends translate to printed wallpaper. An avid traveler, Deborah has a knack for sourcing only the finest one-of-kind artisanal pieces.

Deborah creates a narrative within the space that reveals each homeowner’s personal story. After a thorough consultation she carefully tailors each room to the client’s specific functional needs and personalized desires. Her signature style and aesthetic is sophisticated and pervades without overpowering, allowing each space to reflect a client’s personality and lifestyle.

Deborah Fribourg received her BA from Brown University and a Certificate at the New York School of Interior Design.